Request for Techie Camp

Have you every wondered what goes on inside a computer? Organize a day-long introduction to computer hardware technology through AZStRUT and provide a unique educational experience for your group. Participants will learn to identify many types of computer components and peripheral devices.  Upon completion of this fun, interactive workshop, participants will understand computer hardware, peripheral equipment, related maintenance and security procedures.

Who can apply to hold Techie Camp?

  1. Arizona Public Schools
  2. Girl Scout Troop
  3. Boy Scout Troop

A minimum of 12 participants is required to hold a techie camp.

Request for Techie Camp

  • If AZ StRUT supplies the Techie Coach, the Requesting Organization agrees to pay AZ StRUT a facilitator fee of up to $40 per hour within five business days of the signing of this agreement.
  • If the Techie Coach is supplied by the Requesting Organization, the prospective coach will be reviewed and approved by the AZ StRUT Executive Director.
  • AZ StRUT will provide all computer equipment; however,  the Requesting Organization will be responsible for transporting the equipment to the Techie Camp.

The Requesting Organization also agrees to the following:

  • To provide one 6 ft. table for every two participants and at least a 900 sq. ft. training area
  • To implement  AZ StRUT's Techie Camp Outline, Pre- and Post-Assessment, and Evaluation Form
  • To provide demographics of participants (race/ethnicity, age, gender, etc.)
  • To ensure participants are capable of supporting AZ StRUT’s mission to improve AZ’s technical workforce
  • To provide a safe learning environment

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