Technical Equipment Donations - REQUEST PICK UP

Click here to download a complete list of accepted items. 

We accept almost all electronic equipment!

CRT monitors are about all we can't take.  The cost of recycling these no-longer useful monitors actually pulls money away from our education mission - they are that expensive to recycle responsibly (and we would not do it any other way)!

There are other options for these items. Local municipalities do accept them as a part of their recycling efforts. Cities pay to have them recycled, they are not put in the landfills.  Check with your local municipality to find out if they accept CRT TVs in their curbside pick up programs:

We are still accepting LCD, LED & Plasma TVs - working or not.


  • We do not take CRT's. 
  • PRINTERS cannot be refurbished; these items actually cost our non-profit to pick up. We can still help when you help cover the cost of the pick-up of the PRINTER recycling cost. 
  • We need this minimum to schedule a free pick up:  15 computers (servers, desktops, laptops) or 20 LCD monitors.

Please download our Hard Drive Security Statement for more information on our computer security processes.

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